AI & Language: The Labor of Recognition

Science Notes

25.01.2024, Heidelberg | MAINS
Start: 19:00


Artificial intelligence has turned the world upside down. Large language models such as ChatGPT seem to have answers to all questions and generate a wide variety of texts in just a few moments. Where is this development heading? And where are the limits of artificial intelligence?

In Science Notes, we shed light on how artificial intelligence generates language and ask what this means for us. Four researchers will report on their work; writer Kathrin Passig will also be on stage.

Duo Ströme will accompany the evening with music on their modular synthesizers.



From the shadow library to the language model
Kathrin Passig
How is factual knowledge stored in language models?
Prof. Dr. Jan Stühmer | HITS
Imitation machines: Writing with AI
Dr. Markus Gottschling | Rhet AI
Don’t believe the Criti-Hype: On the supposed and actual dangers of AI
Ariana Dongus | TU Dresden
Scientists in the word factory
Jan Lause | Hertie Institute for AI in Brain Health