“How does today’s art alter reality? How do aesthetic production and political, social space interact with each other? Through its current priority programme ‘Vertigo of Reality,’ the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, is examining the construction and deconstruction of reality in the arts.

The profound changes in artistic practice as a result of new media, in particular digitalisation, have resulted in a stream of new strategies tackling how to construct or deconstruct reality in and with art, attempting to make a contribution to enlightenment and resistance through critical appraisal. The project seeks answers to the question of the beholder’s repositioning between artwork and reality, highlights key concepts such as participation and interactivity, and fathoms changes to our self-determination which affect all areas of modern life.”


The video installation Amusement focuses on gambling automata, highlighting the interface between the human player and the machine body, which is slowly transformed from a demarcating border into a uncanny zone of fusion during the course of play: Where is the body and who plays?