Neues Deutschland Randgebiete

Group exhibition „NEUES DEUTSCHLAND. Randgebiete“
within the scope of Monat der Fotografie OFF

featuring photographies by Ariana Dongus, Britta Steiniger, Helen Hecker, Niels Thorn, Sabrina Michael, Sabrina Weniger, Tabea Hamperl, Mark von Wardenburg

19 November – 4 December 2016
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 2-7pm, Fri 2-8:30pm

Each present moment contains past and future. In that sense the snapshot is not only a mirror image of reality but also creates the circumstances of its making. The photographies of the group show will focus on this very snapshot in time. The exhibiting photographers are interested in fringes; ideologic and geographic ones. What are the fringes in Germany? Which center defines its foothills, fringes, borders? Where are they located and who lives there? Are they equivalent to places which, distant from the center, are languishing in obscurity? And what would be the center of Germany or the German center?

Text: Ariana Dongus